Unleashing Genius

As well as being a poet Paul David Walker has been coaching the leaders of Fortune 500 and mid-size companies for over twenty-five years. In this uniquely poetic book about the secrets of great leaders, Paul reveals some of the deeper principles behind creating new realities, which Paul believes is the job of a leader. He takes you on a journey into the heart and mystery of leadership forming a foundation for any leader to become truly great.

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Storms and Clearings

The stream of poetry in this special book flows back over four decades of Paul's life journey. These beautiful and timeless poems reflect his uncanny ability to see the beauty in everyone and everything, as well as the deeply felt concern for the human condition. His words will at times strike a gentle cord, and at other times strike like lightning.

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A Glimpse into the Universe as I See It

In this beautiful collection of poems, Paul takes us on a journey of his "glimpses" into the creative intelligence behind the universe through his own eyes and heart. He captures with deep simplicity our experience as human beings on this planet as we seek to transcend our self, and collective, limitations. It has been said that awareness comes in the gaps between the thoughts of our way-too-busy minds. Paul inspires us and encourages us to pay attention to the glimpses found in those gaps. Enjoy the journey!

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In an earlier newsletter, I described the danger of Old Thought. The next level of thought is comparative thought. “Comparative Thought” is the rethinking of old thoughts to create new frameworks, which are more complex, but still a rearrangement of old thoughts, often ending in circular thought. Because comparative thought tends to become complex, a high I.Q. is required for effectiveness.

Our culture praises those who are skilled at comparative thought. As elegant as it may seem to compare one theory to another, to debate, dissect every statement, to compare complex frameworks and imagine the flow of cause and effect, comparative thought is still only a complex approximation of reality. The best military leaders know that not even the best battle plan survives the actual battle.

The trap for those who master “Comparative Thought,” is that everyone is impressed with their thinking, and they fall in love with their thoughts. One of my friends, who has a very high I.Q., realized that he ran all his perceptions through his complex cognitive framework, and was missing a big part of reality.

Once you are trapped by comparative thought, it is very difficult to escape. One thought adds to or contradicts another, and often thoughts become circular. One approximation compared with another. The faster and more often your thoughts circle in your mind, the farther you are pulled from reality. Have you ever met someone who is very intelligent, yet never seems present or warm? They are lost in thought.

Thought compares one thing to another in a linear manner. Reality is multidimensional and flows in a relational and non-linear manner. As I will discuss in the next newsletter, “Flowing Thought” is much closer to the nature of reality, produces higher results, and happiness. Until then, I suggest you practice not taking your thoughts seriously, and notice what happens.

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