Unleashing Genius

As well as being a poet Paul David Walker has been coaching the leaders of Fortune 500 and mid-size companies for over twenty-five years. In this uniquely poetic book about the secrets of great leaders, Paul reveals some of the deeper principles behind creating new realities, which Paul believes is the job of a leader. He takes you on a journey into the heart and mystery of leadership forming a foundation for any leader to become truly great.

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Storms and Clearings

The stream of poetry in this special book flows back over four decades of Paul's life journey. These beautiful and timeless poems reflect his uncanny ability to see the beauty in everyone and everything, as well as the deeply felt concern for the human condition. His words will at times strike a gentle cord, and at other times strike like lightning.

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A Glimpse into the Universe as I See It

In this beautiful collection of poems, Paul takes us on a journey of his "glimpses" into the creative intelligence behind the universe through his own eyes and heart. He captures with deep simplicity our experience as human beings on this planet as we seek to transcend our self, and collective, limitations. It has been said that awareness comes in the gaps between the thoughts of our way-too-busy minds. Paul inspires us and encourages us to pay attention to the glimpses found in those gaps. Enjoy the journey!

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Flowing Thought

There is an intelligence that flows through everything like a multidimensional river. It has been called many things, but it is essentially the flow of cause and effect. Unfortunately, as I said in an earlier newsletter, it is obstructed by old and comparative thought. Slow these thoughts down and this intelligence will shine through the spaces between them, in glimpses that stimulate insight. Let go of your thoughts entirely and the light from this flow will lift your consciousness.

Likewise, every market or consumer need is flowing in a similar cause and effect dynamic. The great leader silences the mind and can see the flow that exists, and is calling for a product or service. Flowing Thought, which is used when an athlete is in “The Zone,” works better because it is closer to the nature of reality than Old or Comparative Thought. It flows with this multidimensional river. There are no starts and stops, no circular thinking, just response to the reality of the moment. Everyone has experienced this, but can you invoke this state at will?

In the next newsletter we will discuss “Integrative Presence,” which combines intention with flowing thought and influences the direction of this flow. If you would like to be involved in a dialogue that will help you master these principles, you can register by emailing me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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