Unleashing Genius

As well as being a poet Paul David Walker has been coaching the leaders of Fortune 500 and mid-size companies for over twenty-five years. In this uniquely poetic book about the secrets of great leaders, Paul reveals some of the deeper principles behind creating new realities, which Paul believes is the job of a leader. He takes you on a journey into the heart and mystery of leadership forming a foundation for any leader to become truly great.

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Storms and Clearings

The stream of poetry in this special book flows back over four decades of Paul's life journey. These beautiful and timeless poems reflect his uncanny ability to see the beauty in everyone and everything, as well as the deeply felt concern for the human condition. His words will at times strike a gentle cord, and at other times strike like lightning.

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A Glimpse into the Universe as I See It

In this beautiful collection of poems, Paul takes us on a journey of his "glimpses" into the creative intelligence behind the universe through his own eyes and heart. He captures with deep simplicity our experience as human beings on this planet as we seek to transcend our self, and collective, limitations. It has been said that awareness comes in the gaps between the thoughts of our way-too-busy minds. Paul inspires us and encourages us to pay attention to the glimpses found in those gaps. Enjoy the journey!

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1) Lost In Conceptual Realities

Controlled and defined by their thoughts and beliefs. They believe in and live in a reality not agreed upon by the rest of society. They are totally lost and totally at effect of their thoughts and fantasies. They hear their thoughts as messages or voices from outside themselves. Not all but some become psychotic, neurotic and what we would call insane.

2) Reality Defined By Social Values

Reality is defined by socially agreed upon values. This is a large percentage of the people on earth. These people function within one culture and several subcultures. They believe in the values of and work hard to attain what is defined as success in society. These people are committed to the norm and find their place in society and tend to freeze once they have achieved that position.

These people are uncomfortable with behavior that does not fit into the norm and seek comfort in repeating the patterns established by their culture. They are loyal to their culture and see other cultures as wrong.

3) Reality Defined By Self

This person has been able to see through the subculture and culture that controlled his/her life and has been able to redefine reality to suit his/her needs. This person will learn to redefine other people’s values. They become leaders and are those who have changed society. They re-frame illusion. For example: Churchill, Martin Luther King, Jack Welsh, Sam Walton, Lee Iacoca and others created new social values and cultures for level two. These realities were more effective than those they replaced, but are still conceptual illusion.

They are people who are inspirational, exciting, attractive and powerful. Once they start believing that the new reality is “the truth” they can become self-absorbed and delusional. This shifts them back to level two. As in the case of Hitler, they can be dangerous.

4) Doubting Defined Realities

This person has been able to create new realities and therefore has doubts about what is real. After all, if you can redefine or create a reality, then it is not true reality. After achieving a great deal this person could become disillusioned and return to level two or in extreme cases go to level one. They have disconnected from what holds society together and yet have found no other foundation for order.

This person understands the limits and power of conceptual reality, but is full of doubt. This person seems highly intelligent, but can be confused, cynical, negative, destructive, manipulative and depressed.

5) A Sense of Something Deeper

This is a person has dealt with the uncertainty of level four yet feels there is something missing. There seems to be a hole in their soul. They have mastered and redefined reality and it still leaves them feeling empty, because the realities that they have created after all, are still conceptual forms. This is one illusion replacing another. This disillusionment can turn them into seekers. They find things that they think are "It" and once they test these insights they often become disillusioned and could return unhappily to level two or look for another idea or reality.

This person has powerful insights, yet seems restless, cynical and full of doubts. They can be targets for cults that work in level two or fundamental religion that works in level three. Their insights don't ring true because you don't see the happiness that should go along with deep insight. They are often eccentric, excited and then depressed as they run out of juice.

6) Experiences Moments of Awakening

This person has moments of being in the present which are seen as flashes of enlightenment and is drawn to recreate the experience. They often talk about these experiences as though something happened to them. They sometimes think that forces beyond them are intervening. They have not yet realized how to consciously bring the mind and body into the present moment, yet are filled with the joy of possibility and hope. This person could return to the beginning levels should they not be able to recreate those experiences.

They appear mysterious, there is something in their eyes that frightens some people and draws others. They seem to know something others don't. There is a peace about them, but it is mixed with inconsistencies.

7) Committed to the Practice of Being in the Present

This person has found ways to recreate their experiences of enlightenment by bringing their mind and body into the present moment and has found a number of practices that build upon those experiences. They are going through what has been called a "rebirth" or being "born again." There is struggle, but it is joyous. They are not likely to return to beginning levels, but still could should they become frustrated.

These people are balanced, calm, "practiced," and often joyful. They have wisdom and sometimes radiate peace and kindness, and at other times are absorbed in their work. They can become hermits both physically or mentally so that they can work on their practice.

8) Living Mostly In the Present

Their practices have yielded a life style and depth of understanding that keeps this person in the present moment most of the time. They are joyful, humorous, compassionate and full of life. This person glows, radiates peace, kindness, love and is often a spiritual leader.

9) Totally Awakened State

This person is totally awakened to the present moment. They are in the present at all times, are aware of no separation between themselves and the universe and appear as Gods incarnate. Christ, Buddha and many others who are less known fall into this category. They are simple, sweet yet profound beyond words.

10) Angels and Spirits

These people live as energy forms, as spirits or angels. They are still concerned with human development and remain around the Earth to help with the transformation of human kind. They are still attached to human affairs. They are still on a journey to release themselves from attachment.

11) Spirit Guide to All Beings

This is the level achieved by Christ and Buddha after human death. They have become a being of awareness and connection for other beings and spirits to the source. They are there for all of us as a door way to enter and become one with all the universe.

12) Released and At One with The Universe

This being no longer has or is aware of a separate identify. They are part of the all things; their energy is the energy of the universe. By their transformation they add to the divine energy that all the other levels feed upon. They are the pure life force.

Copyright 2000, Paul David Walker

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