There is something I know now, though I have often forgotten, that I want to tell you. Its knowledge will release you from all your suffering, and create an awareness that is beyond anything I can truly describe. It is an awareness of a truth, which is heavenly, and can be with you always, even in the darkest times.

I have discovered that there is an intelligence that flows through everything like a multidimensional river. It has been called by many names: the Taoists call it "The Flow of Heaven." Ralph Waldo Emerson called it the "Great Intelligence." The Native Americans call it "The Great Spirit." Christians call it "The Love of God."Every great tradition and those who stumble on this wisdom try to find words to describe this experience that is "beyond understanding." You may not know this now, you may suspect that there is something more, or you may have tasted its sweet essence, only to climb back into the familiar safety of the fears your ego has created.

I found that, this hidden yet simple joy is obstructed by my thoughts, beliefs and ego, which though they help me survive in this world, cannot understand this energy. I learned to slow down my thoughts and this intelligence shined through the spaces between them, in glimpses that stimulated wonder and joy. I let go of the grip of my ego and thoughts one day and the light from this flow lifted my consciousness beyond imagination. Beauty, wisdom, and peace filled my being and lingers close to the surface today.

I now understand that this divine intelligence is embodied the space that holds the Universe and my being, like a loving mother holds her child. It whispers in the stillness and can consciously flow through my life if I listen. It is the Life Force itself and is beyond words, but with practice I have, and you can learn to dance with its rhythm.

Through circumstance, passion and great mentors I have discovered my way into this river, and have designed this book to tell the story of my journey to help you find your way. Don’t wait, like most do, until the last moment of your life to rise up into the pillar of light. Don’t wait for a near death experience to allow this heavenly river to change your life. Build your connection with the eternal now so that you are ready to transcend your biology at any time.

Connect to this flow and your being will provide a living gateway for your children and humanity. It is my dream that this book will be one voice in many to create a shift for humanity that unleashes our hidden desire to expand  Heaven into the hearts and souls of all who walk this Earth.

The Story Begins

I was sitting on the curb outside the center watching the muted sun light filter through the leaves on a nearby tree. There was no rush or worry about how I might look sitting on the curb. My senses were teaming with activity, yet calm and flowing. The entire world seemed beautiful and glowing with life. I could feel my breathing and thrilled with the infusion of the oxygen filling my lungs. Everything I turned my attention to was fascinating. I was curious yet in no hurry to go from one enjoyable thing to the other.

My friends came out of the center and I could feel their concern. Seeing me sitting alone on the curb, one asked if I wanted to go to a river bridge. One said, they say it is a beautiful spot. I could tell they were anxious to experience beauty and had not noticed that it was all around them. Of course, I had not noticed the beauty when I walked into the center.

I had come to La Connor to work with councilors after experiencing what seemed to be evil and darkness winning again. One of our leadership consulting firm’s CEO’s had been recruited by the Board of Directors to turn around a company that was at war with its unions and I was assigned to work with him. The entire old management team, with a few exceptions, was fighting against him and of course, me his change leadership coach.

After the board of directors fired my CEO, I can clearly remember the moment when I sat in the CFOs office listening to him tell me that for the first time in his long career at this company he had thought there was hope, but as tears flowed down his face he said, "The dark forces have won again."

Between sobs he tried to acknowledge the work I had done to create a great company. But the sorrow kept overwhelming him. The COO, who was head of the conspiracy would surly fire him. For supporting the good deeds we were doing, his career was over and worse yet he had lost hope.

I tried to console him, explaining that over time things will improve. I said that this was a minor setback, but I also felt a dark heavy feeling coming over me.

It was my first major engagement after taking a two year sabbatical to be with my son more often after he reached his early teens. One of the founders or our leadership firm "Committed to Making a Difference in the Lives of People and the Performance of Organizations" was promoting me to become a partner again.

I had failed and it’s affect on thousands of people was obvious to me. I returned to the hotel and while packing my bags, found myself crying. There was a heavy weight dragging on me for weeks. I was once the best leadership consultant in the firm and now returning, though the odds were difficult, I failed. Even still the founder supported me. "We all make mistakes," he said.

Later I was sitting in my car outside the doctor’s office trying to find a cure for this bad feeling. Surly some dire physical condition was causing all this pain. Of course, the doctor could find nothing wrong. So I called Larry Senn, the other founder, and asked if I could go up to La Connor and spend seven days with the Psychology of Mind team.

This was the first time in my life that I asked for help in any major way. I thought he would object to the cost and time away from billable hours. I could barely stop my voice from breaking but I was still thinking of a persuasive story. Before I could say another word, he said, "Of course." He suggested that I leave right away. The heaviness lifted and I went home and told Bonnie, who also encouraged me to go and off, I went pretending it was fine tuning.

But I found that it was not fine tuning when three times during the two hour drive from Seatac Airport I had to pull over and gather myself. This heavy dark force seemed to be pulling me down. I could not drive until I had calmed down. I was sure the doctor had missed something.

Yet as I sit here on the curb, waiting for my friends to organize the trip to the bridge, I feel a sweet joy with the remembrance of this time of horror. My state of mind is so pure that everything has a great beauty. The web of thought that felt like iron cage, is now a fascinating insight that brings gratitude into my being. The experience released my compassion and the air smells so fresh, which seems more important.

"Paul, are you coming?"

I followed the group to a car and we flew along open roads like magic. Normally I would volunteer to drive, wanting to be in control, but now I am happy to go with the flow.

Looking out of the side window in the back seat, I captured little scenes as we past. A boy at play with his dog, spring flower gardens and young lovers walking down a forest path appeared in pastoral glimpses. The separation between things merges. Somehow everything flows together like the currents in a multidimensional river. Yet it does not seem overwhelming or strange. I can see and feel a shine radiating from within everything, even the asphalt.

There is some confusion about the directions and people are arguing. While everyone is trying to understand and be peaceful, as instructed, the tension radiates. The harder they try to be peaceful the more their thoughts circle upon themselves to compare, thinking am I really there? Thoughts stop and start in patterns that break up the natural flow. The goal of getting somewhere causes continuous evaluation and judgment. Since we are not there yet their judgments about the journey cannot help but create frustration. If I am not careful I will get caught up in these patterns.

I could say something like, enjoy the journey, but that would add judgment into the air. Even observing this activity has interrupted my connection to the flow. I could see the land sloping down to the right and see the effects of moisture on the trees. The feeling of the rivers current emanated from the right and the people in the car were arguing which way to turn at the upcoming stop sign.

I said, "The River is on the right." One said, "Are you sure?" I explained that I grew-up in the country and I can tell by the way the land leans. I left out the feeling of the current. The driver agreed to go right and within half a mile the river bridge appeared.

It was nice to get out of the car. The banter and the static from their thinking started to remind me of the tribal warfare I had just left. What I want you to know is how I went from my dark night of the soul, to this peaceful joy that still inhabits my life today.

There have been many shining moments and dark storms, but now a peace seems to flow through me that is brighter than any of the shining moments. A deep connection that enlightened my life once I learned to let go of illusion. I have designed this book to help you let go of your illusions and discover your way into this divine flow.

Paul David Walker, Copyright 2008