Paul David Walker will facilitate a three-day off-site that will help you learn how to unleash your genius, find the genius in others, and integrate genius into your daily life.  As always, this will be a dialogue that will start with insights from Paul's work, and then expand based on the wisdom in the room.

Participant Comments:

"I have a better, clearer picture of my genius … Wow!"

"Discovering my genius and learning to take “being present” into my personal life was most valuable."

"I discovered that my frameworks were getting in the way of experiencing life. I was too busy trying to explain the experience."

"It was a wonderful experience. Recognizing the polarity of engagement vs. attachment and the true relationship between intentions and goals was valuable to me."

"Paul David Walker’s “Unleashing Genius” off-site provided a fascinating look “behind the curtain” of both the scientific foundations of genius and how to access it in ourselves."

"Paul generously shares his wisdom and experience while guiding a profound conversation around the intersection of business, genius and intuition."


Day One-  04/24/09 (9AM-6PM):   Discovering Your Genius
Day Two-  04/25/09 (9AM-6PM):   Discovering the Genius in Others
Day Three-04/26/09 (9AM-1PM):   Manifesting Genius in Your Life

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Unleashing Genius

As well as being a poet Paul David Walker has been coaching the leaders of Fortune 500 and mid-size companies for over twenty-five years. In this uniquely poetic book about the secrets of great leaders, Paul reveals some of the deeper principles behind creating new realities, which Paul believes is the job of a leader. He takes you on a journey into the heart and mystery of leadership forming a foundation for any leader to become truly great.

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