The purpose of the “Unleashing Genius Institute" (UGI) Is to discover new realities in leadership and living, and manifest those realities into social and economic systems to make our world a better place to live. We believe that there is an untapped abundance of energy, insight and know-how that can transform our world once discovered and manifested by enlightened leaders. UGI will develop young, high potential leaders using the wisdom of our discoveries to unleash their genius and teach them how to unleash the genius of leaders, teams, companies and countries. We will target underprivileged communities in the US and around the world.

We will use the wisdom of the ages, learning from the UGI, and the wisdom of the greatest leaders of our time to develop these young leaders in every field. In doing this, we hope to create self sustaining organizations. The young leaders, with mentoring, coaching and investment from experienced leaders, will create extraordinary results in the companies, communities and countries they lead. We anticipate developing powerful synergies between “First World” and “Third World” countries. Out of commitment to creating a new world and as a membership fee, each leader and organization will donate 20% to the UG Institute, which adding to the endowment which will be used to run the institute. UG Institute will then mentor and coach other young leaders, who will serve in the UGI companies. The UGI companies will both be profitable and a training ground for young leaders.

Model Companies: Living Examples of Enlightened Leadership

Combining our learning from the UG Institute, we will use this wisdom to infuse model companies with the principles discovered. We will acquire or create strategic relationships with companies that are presently operating at a high level of understanding. We will help manage these businesses and then create a portfolio of businesses modeled upon the principles described in Unleashing Genius: Leading Yourself, Teams and Corporations, and other enlightened leadership books. After satisfying investors needs, a large percentage of the profits from these businesses will go to help create successful businesses and organizations in economically depressed regions of the world.

We are seeking successful leaders for the institute who would like to further unleash their genius and build a more abundant and vital world. Much of the leadership in the world is not working effectively both at the top and bottom of the social strata. There is a growing chasm between the classes and, without a healthy middle class, free market systems do not work. Our goal is to find the deepest wisdom, infuse that wisdom into leaders who will integrate it into the social an economic fabric of businesses and nations.

Discovery Teams: To Synthesize Ancient and Modern Wisdom

Members of the Unleashing Genius Institute will explore ancient ruins with teams of world leaders, to discover wisdom from the past and synthesize it with modern wisdom, and integrate both into the leadership of communities, free market systems, countries and global businesses; both mature and emerging.

These adventures will be fun, wondrous and insightful. Our purpose during these adventures will be to deepen our wisdom through personal and historical exploration, and turn that wisdom into social and economic reality. Only successful leaders, who are passionate about journeying into the unknown to discover wisdom, and apply that wisdom to make the world a better place, will be invited.

These teams of leaders (Discovery Teams) will meet each year at different sites, quarterly at local sites and work together during the year to improve the performance of their organizations. They will be asked to share all they learn with leaders helping to improve the lower strata of their cultures, within the “First World” and in the “Third World.” The Unleashing Genius Institute will facilitate this process; returning profits to our members, the Institute, and worthy organizations lead by Institute graduates throughout the world.

Mentoring “Third World” Leaders: Creating Synergies Between the “First and Third Worlds”

Using the wisdom discovered through the activities of the Unleashing Genius Institute, the model companies and “Discovery Teams” we will select and mentor leaders from the lower strata of first world countries and third world countries. They will become members of the Unleashing Genius Institute and will participate with the discovery teams, model companies, and selected activities of the Institute.

Our purpose will be to create synergies between the first and third worlds and to seed the world with enlightened leaders who bring the discoveries of the Institute to life. The Institute will remain a resource in the background for each of these leaders. The Institute will mentor, teach, and provide business expertise to these leaders; and in return, each leader selected will commit to a five year term improving the performance of their community.


All our programs are designed to help people discover and manifest their genius. We offer both individual and team programs as an entry point to full membership in the Institute.

Unleashing Genius Retreat: Paul David Walker will facilitate a three-day off-site that will help you learn how to unleash your genius and find the genius in others. As always this will be a dialogue that will start with insights from Paul's work but then expand based on the wisdom in the room. One of the participants in the spring retreat said:

Paul David Walker’s “Unleashing Genius” off-site provided a fascinating look “behind the curtain” of both the scientific foundations of genius and how to access it in ourselves. Paul generously shares his wisdom and experience while guiding a profound conversation around the intersection of business, genius and intuition.

-David Brownstein, PCC, CPCC.


Day One:        Discovering Your Genius
Day Two:        Discovering the Genius in Others
Day Three:      Manifesting Genius in Your Life

Individual Off-Site Coaching: There is no end to the depth of an individual's genius. Once discovered the journey expands continuously. Paul leads three and six-day off-sites for individuals who wish to discover the deepest aspects of their genius. These off-sites will be conducted deep in a natural setting and provide extended exploration. It will expand your consciousness and, of course, unleash your genius.

CEO/President Circles: Selected advanced leaders will meet monthly for a full day to unleash their genius and the genius of their peers. These circles are designed to assist you in unleashing your genius, developing a strong support group and building an extraordinary organization.


  • Individual meeting with Paul David Walker to set goals
  • Monthly full-day meeting with peers facilitated by Paul David Walker to learn from each other
  • Two individual coaching sessions with Paul David Walker to deepen understandings and help with implementation
  • Learning from your peers in the circle as they share their insights, success and failures
  • Creation of new realities in leadership
  • Work with Paul's new book "Unleashing Genius: Leading Yourself, Teams and Corporations."

Be the Leader That the Executive Suite is Looking For

The most effective leaders handle the massive responsibilities of leading large organizations with grace and ease. They fly around the world; make decisions that affect thousands of people and billions of dollars while appearing calm and radiant. Unleash the CEO within you this year by joining one of our monthly leadership circles.

Unleashing the CEO Within: Is a monthly leadership circle designed to help high potential leaders learn the secrets of successful CEO's. Paul David Walker will use his 25 years of experience coaching CEO's to facilitate a monthly leadership circle for those who wish to become Executive level leaders or CEO’s.

Agenda and Benefits:

  • Individual meeting with Paul David Walker to set goals
  • One half day a month of insight learning with high potential leaders
  • Learning from your peers in the circle as they share their insights
  • Wisdom that will arise from the team of peers in the circle
  • Two individual coaching sessions to reinforce and implement learning
  • Development of your personal board of advisors
  • Copy of Paul’s new book “Unleashing Genius: Leading Yourself, Teams and Corporations”

Discovering and Manifesting Your Business Mission: Once you begin to understand your genius you will want to apply what you have learned to the organization you lead or to develop your business. We will work with you and your team to discover and manifest your business mission.

This will be an on-going engagement that will have the following steps:

  • Planning Meeting: Inquiry with you as leader to understand your business and your desires and ideas for creating the future
  • Discovery of Present Reality: To understand present reality we will interview your team, customers and key players in the market place
  • Analysis: We will analyze the information from these interviews and provide insight and coaching that will move your business to the next level
  • Team Off-Site: We will take you off-site with your team to create a high impact event that will begin the manifestation of your business mission
  • Leadership Coaching: We will coach you and the members of your team through the process of implementation
  • High Potential Coaching: We will select high potential leaders within your organization and give them coaching designed to have them move to the next level

The Next Level for Your Team: This is designed as an advanced program for selected leaders of your team to seek out highly advanced understandings about leadership and manifestation. We will take your team off-site to a place deep in nature to develop themselves as individuals and as a team. The power of a team of people synchronized around their genius is almost beyond imagination. We will be exploring new realities in leadership.

Advanced Leadership Coaching: Is designed for those who wish to facilitate programs within the Paul David Walker Leadership Institute or to supercharge their existing practices. Paul will share the key principles for coaching, mentoring, facilitating and consulting with Executive Level leaders. You will become a master of "Unleashing Genius."

Each program will be designed individually for the participants. The groups will be small. The steps in this program will be as follows:

  • Interview with Paul David Walker to determine readiness
  • Individual coaching to set goals and prepare for the off-sites
  • Three 3-day off-sites over an eight month period
  • Two individual coaching between the off-sites
  • Coaching and mentoring during live engagements
  • Certification of successful graduates
  • Assistance in development of business practices

Graduates of this program will qualify for positions in the Paul David Walker Leadership Institute and be considered for membership in the Unleashing Genius Business Consortium, which is a portfolio of companies lead by advanced leaders.
Unleashing Genius Business Consortium
Unleashing Genius Worldwide

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As well as being a poet Paul David Walker has been coaching the leaders of Fortune 500 and mid-size companies for over twenty-five years. In this uniquely poetic book about the secrets of great leaders, Paul reveals some of the deeper principles behind creating new realities, which Paul believes is the job of a leader. He takes you on a journey into the heart and mystery of leadership forming a foundation for any leader to become truly great.

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