The Unleashing Genius Business Consortium is established with the purpose of manifesting the genius uncovered through all the activities of the Leadership Institute. These organizations will become living examples of the principles we discover.

Key elements are:

  • Establish business alliances
  • Choose a model company to generate capital
  • Build a stable of high-performance leaders
  • Acquire and turnaround "under-managed" companies
  • Publish our ideas and successes
  • Create "Unleashing Genius Worldwide"

Model Company

Combining our learning from the Unleashing Genius Institute, Turiya Leadership Consulting will use this wisdom to infuse a model company with the principles discovered. We will acquire or create a strategic relationship with a company that is presently operating at a high level of understanding. We will manage this business and then create a portfolio of businesses modeled after the success of the model company. After satisfying investors needs, a large percentage of the profits from these businesses will go to help create successful businesses and organizations in economically depressed regions of the world as described in "Unleashing Genius Worldwide."

Turiya Leadership Consulting (TLC) will:

  • Manage all the businesses in a given portfolio of companies, "Unleashing Genius" in the individuals who run those companies, and synchronizing their teams around each person's genius
  • Coach and develop all key leaders in the portfolio
  • Recruit, hire the right people, and other human resource services within the companies
  • Develop and assist in the implementation of business strategies
  • Coach the CEO and Executive Team

Acquisition Targets

We will be seeking companies that are synergistic with the Model Company but have outgrown the skills of the existing leadership, hence "under-managed." Target companies:

  • Can be integrated into the Model Company
  • Are synergetic with the Model Company
  • Are in expanding markets needing more service
  • Have a weak competitor who is taking the market for granted and under-serving their customers
  • Simple businesses with high margins that once established can provide passive income
  • Are under-managed

Young CEO's and Potential Leaders

Turiya Leadership Consulting (TLC) has already developed a number of leaders, but in order to expand and have the right leaders, we must be continuously developing young CEO's to run our enterprises. The following are keys to success:

  • Train and develop the leaders of Model Company
  • Develop a succession plan for Model Company
  • Network with TLC's young leaders and have them help in finding acquisition candidates
  • Create a young leader's forum
  • Coach leaders in the forum
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