The world is scattered with the ruins of great civilizations whose wisdom has fascinated scholars for centuries. Ancient desert ruins that synchronize with the cycles of the stars, agricultural systems that have sustained a large civilization for a thousand years and monuments whose creation baffles modern science.

What wisdom created these civilizations and how can we distil that wisdom to make our civilization even greater? Better yet how can we take the deepest wisdom from each civilization and build upon ours to create something that has never before existed. This is the adventure we ask world leaders to join.

We are interested in working with successful leaders who would like to give something back to build a more abundant and vital world for their children and grandchildren. Much of the leadership in the world is not working effectively both at the top and bottom of the social strata. There is a growing chasm between the classes and, without a healthy middle class, free market systems do not work. Our goal is to find the deepest wisdom and integrate it into the social an economic fabric of businesses and nations.

We do not have the answers, but we do have a methodology for discovery. We will combine wisdom from the ancients and the natural intelligence we all tap into that is beyond explanation.


We intend to explore ancient ruins with teams of world leaders, to discover wisdom from the past and present day and integrate both into the leadership of communities, free market systems, countries and global businesses; both mature and emerging.

These adventures will be fun, wondrous and insightful. Our purpose will be to deepen our wisdom through personal and historical exploration and turn that wisdom into social and economic reality. Only successful leaders, who are passionate about journeying into the unknown to discover wisdom, and apply that wisdom to make the world a better place, will be invited.

These teams of leaders (Exploration Teams) will meet each year at different sites, quarterly at local sites and work together during the year to improve the performance of their organizations. They will be asked to share all they learn with their "Exploration Team" and with teams of people helping to improve the lower strata of their cultures. We will be there to facilitate this process; returning profits to our members, ourselves and worthy organizations throughout the world.


Learning from History

Each annual adventure will take place at a different ancient site of wisdom. The discovery team will be assisted by transformation facilitators, guides from National Geographic and local leaders. We will camp on the site in order to fully experience the energy and beauty of the architecture. The history and unique characteristics of the site will be shared and we will launch into a dialogue with the purpose of understanding the deepest wisdom offered by insight into the history and exploration of the ruins themselves.

Multiplying the Wisdom of the Team

Each team member will come prepared to share their deepest understandings about life. The site's peaceful setting will create a reflective and expansive environment for reflection and exploration. As each person's wisdom unfolds,  it will be added to the wisdom of the team. The facilitation will guide towards expansion and integration. The discoveries of each day will be captured and used as a foundation for discovery during the next day.

Taking It Home

Towards the end of the retreat, the discussion will be directed towards implementing the discovery into the organizations each of the team members lead. Agreements will be made in regard to mutual support and coaching.


As Discovery Teams are established, we will determine the sites we wish to visit, develop cost estimates for travel and lodging, and costs for facilitation and investment in the Unleashing Genius Institute. This will be structured like a small business whose purpose is to promote learning and give back lessons learned and profits to worthy causes.

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