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"The stream of poetry in, Storms & Clearings, and A Glimpse, flows back over four decades of Paul's life journey. These beautiful and timeless poems reflect his uncanny ability to see the beauty in everyone and everything, as well as the deeply felt concern for the human condition. His words will at times strike a gentle cord, and at other times strike like lightning. The insights he has gained through the medium of poetry have not only guided him through his own life, they have been of tremendous value in his work as an Executive Coach to CEO's of Fortune 500 companies. Through Paul's exquisite expression of the wisdom that dwells within us all, you will truly see the poet's heart. Open your heart and mind and let his poetry take you on a thoughtful and exciting spiritual adventure." - Bonnie J. Walker

Grave Digger

As the gun’s first round blasts out
Echoed by a mother’s mournful cry,
I stand by waiting to cap the grave
This last summer of ‘69 when the constant
Funerals made me feel older than my years.

I remember earlier being at the bottom
Of that grave carving the corners square
Where sound is muted and still
And the earth smells cool and fresh.

Enjoying a moment of silence
Below the ground looking up
From the darkness to blue sky,
Before the black funeral sends
Its dead down to this place
I prepared for many others.

Waiting out of sight with dirt
On my hands in case of trouble,
A line of black cars weave
Through the cemetery lanes,
While the honor guard waits
So young and sharp carrying guns,
Flags and a brass horn whose sound
Mixed with tears will carry the departed
Young soul away from us to heaven.

The family and friends gather
Moving like ghosts in the broken
Way I have seen so many times,
As the prayers of consolation begin,
I hear sorrowful whimpering
As they try to comfort each other.

Now the second round,
Echoed by a mother’s mournful cry,
But louder with the sound of why
Unspoken that I will never forget.

Too soon the final round cracks out
As the brass horn plays Taps,
General sobbing rises and falls.
The soft notes signal the ending
That I still carry in dreams and waking
Moments as sudden sobbing captures
Me unexpectedly breaking my heart again.

Paul David Walker
Memorial Day, 2012


There are currents
That ran me into fallen trees,
Cracking me open 
Face down in the mud
Gasping for air flopping
Onto my back watching
The clouds float by untouched,
Like giant ballet dancers
In tune with something unseen.

Whirlpools dark and deep
Took me in suddenly
And held me circling
Over and over again,

Like fearful thoughts
And relentless dark dreams,
That force awakening
And lift me from dread
Each morning as sun
Lights open windows.

I struggled to escape
Only to be trapped
In backwaters so far away
I could barely feel the pull.
Swimming dangerously tired
Towards the faint flow.

Tumbling down
To the endless horizon,
Being pulled under again
Reaching out one last time,
I caught a current
So strong and deep it lifted
Me over the monstrous rocks,

Like riding a dragon
Into the stillness so bright,
That even a glimpse
Shifted my life forever.

Paul David Walker
May 27, 2012

Finding Our Rhythm

Join me any time
and share your moments
of genius and wonder
and I will share mine.

We will work together
to heal our wounds with
laughter, dance, empathy
for our fellow beings,
and anything useful
we discover along the path,
like early explorers
going deep into
an uncharted continent.

I will bring the healing
Light of the Spirit
that I have been given,
and you bring your courage,
because there is no telling
what we might run into.

Bring a sense of humor,
to help you let go,
an unending wonder,
and relentless curiosity.

I promise to help you find
the rhythm of your soul,
the sound in the symphony
that you were born to be,
which will heal your fears
before they damage you again.

Once you find your rhythm,
there will be nothing else
but a Being that dances
with the heartbeat of life,
like a child dancing
in an open field of wildflowers
beyond the reach of judgment,
vibrating like a tuning fork with heaven.

Paul David Walker
September 8, 20011

We Are All Buddha

We are all Buddha
Waiting to awaken
From this world
Of suffering,
Like a seed opening
Towards the warmth
Of the sun in spring.

It waits for us
Patiently smiling
In the gardens
We walk through,
But do not see.

Paul David Walker
September 4, 2011

We Are All Angels

We are all Angels to someone.
A lost cat, a dog bouncing
Into our room wet from
The storms that rage,
Our neighbors and friends.

I send light spiraling
To my loved ones,
Yes you Bonnie,
Our family and people
I pass on the street.

It goes out brightly
To those that from
A small glance,
Or a deep mysterious
Encounter I fell,
If even for a moment,
Head over heals in love
With another Angel
Peeking through a person’s
Worldly mask and painted eyes,
Shining like a Holy Being
Wondering why everyone
Is not in love with life.

But sadly,
Too often I only
Glimpse this radiance,
Which is the Angel
That lights my eyes,
Though I know is there
In every moment
Hiding deep beneath
The rubble of my life.

Paul David Walker
August 20, 2011

Who Am I ?

I am a being
Of light and dark
Attracted to the light,
With thunder striking
Open my heart’s cage,
Kneeling like a mystical
Gardener helping life flourish.

Sometimes I live the joy
And depth of every moment,
Feeling heaven everywhere,
And at times lost in darkness.

I am
A man between
Heaven and Earth.
A dancer who tries to
Synchronize with the flow.

I carry God in my heart,
Like a child holding flowers close
To protect them from the wind
On the way to give them to Mom.

I extend our universe
With mystical creations
That rattle around in my head
Making me crazy inside
Until I release them
In a moment of stillness.

I work to enliven
And expand my spirit
Beyond decaying flesh.
I am drawn into the mystery,
And come back to point
To something so wondrous
I glimpsed in a timeless space.

I know we all can
Travel into insight deeper
With every moment
Of our lives as we let go
Terror and fear determined,
Like a fragile green stem
Pushing up out of the cold
Winter soil working around stones,
Sidewalks and other obstacles
Unfolding in the spring’s storms
With innocence and joy,
Expanding into the infinite space
From which it came.

In a still moment
An angel passes through my heart
From somewhere familiar
That I often dismiss.

The life l once knew,
In this place between
Heaven and Earth at the vortex
Between life and death.

Paul David Walker,
August 4, 2011


Long Way Away

I was born in a Lock House
Deep in industrial Yorkshire.
My Grandfather was the lock keep.
He ran the pump house
Whose waters filled the lock,
Which lifted the canal boats
Filled with steel and coal,
And then opened the gates
To release each boat in turn
To a higher level of it's journey.

Christened in Tinselly Chapel
Covered with industrial soot,
Where my Mom and Dad
Were married on a windy day.
Born on a Sunny Sunday morning
A priest-like child of the Celts.

In my childhood fantasies,
I was a Light Wizard dancing
From dimension to dimension
By envisioning myself there.
Traveling through the timeless
In an instant.

I led adventures to find
The secret to what I was not sure,
But I could feel something.
There was radiance inside
The plants I saw growing
Out of the cracks
In the concrete canal walls.

And as I learned to listen
To the masters of life
Tell their stories of leaps
Into something beyond words,
And the rhythms of nature
Became the Symphony I danced with,
I had moments of still shinning
When time stopped me to look out
At my soul's window in a space
Timeless and beyond dimension.

Each time I peer into the still
Shimmering vibration I am nourished,
Beckoned for more bliss,
And inspired to live stronger
To explore the infinite mystery,
Returning with reports to this Earth.

Remembering the call I could  not
Understand, but knew as a child,
It feels to me like the road home
Again after a long way away.

Paul David Walker
July 10, 2011


Then You Know

Go back to a time
In your life
When you felt
A deep rhythm
And wonder
In every moment

A time when
Everything was beautiful
Beyond description

You were fascinated
With everything
Around you

But not in a rush
To go from one
Wondrous thing
To another

You flowed
With the moment
Naturally moving
In harmony
With some
Devine river
Of of fortune

It could have
Been playing
Sports or dancing

A moment
Of spiritual union

Or just an accidental
Opening to a beauty
You had not
Seen before

A feeling
Of connection
Cradled by everything
Around you

Like a child
In the loving
Arms of their

If you can
Find your way
Into this state
Once you can
Find it again

It has been
Called by many


The name
Means little
We all have
Tasted it

It is calling
All of us

Paul David Walker
March 13, 2011


The Calling Is Always There

I just did not hear it.

In a moment of grace playing
By the Loch House in England
As a young child dreaming
The calling came.

Touched by the forest spirits
Sitting by the river,
And called again and again
To enter her trees
As a young boy
The calling was there.

Enveloped by the Light
As hands from Christ
Lay on my head
At my conformation
The calling stilled my heart.

On the great river
For two weeks in spring
With my best friend
Flowing to the rhythm
As crisp and stormy
Winds blew us around
I felt the calling.

When the lightning
Filled the sky, crackled
and opened the sky
With a deep rolling shakes
Of thunder, the calling
Rocked my boat.

When Linda blew my head
Clean of my fears and beliefs
And we laughed like children
The calling gave me a rebirth.

And as the translucent leaves
Flashed colors across my face
With rays of sun shooting
Through as the wind turned
The leaves around
The calling was there.

When the black retriever
Presented me with a stick
To throw out into the river
For him to chase all afternoon
I felt the strength of the calling.

When Sacha woke me
And told me the light
From my heart filled
The room like nothing
She had ever seen
The calling was bright
And peaceful beyond words.

When we danced
On the mountain side
Under the crystal stars,
Like Gods and Goddesses
We were the calling.

When the morning flashed
Into my heart like a gentle
Child dancing on a spring
Breeze I could feel
The calling warmed my heart.

Looking back the calling
Was always there,
And now you come to me
Over lunch and call again.

This time I am yours.

Paul David Walker, December 17, 2010

Death Dances
Wednesday, 07 July 2010
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It Waits for You
Thursday, 17 June 2010
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Calling All Angels
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The stream of poetry in this special book flows back over four decades of Paul's life journey. These beautiful and timeless poems reflect his uncanny ability to see the beauty in everyone and everything, as well as the deeply felt concern for the human condition. His words will at times strike a gentle cord, and at other times strike like lightning.

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In this beautiful collection of poems, Paul takes us on a journey of his "glimpses" into the creative intelligence behind the universe through his own eyes and heart. He captures with deep simplicity our experience as human beings on this planet as we seek to transcend our self, and collective, limitations. It has been said that awareness comes in the gaps between the thoughts of our way-too-busy minds. Paul inspires us and encourages us to pay attention to the glimpses found in those gaps. Enjoy the journey!

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